1 Case - Who's in Charge of the Church?

1 Case - Who's in Charge of the Church?

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Sam Emadi talks about his book Who's in Charge of the Church?

Practical Advice on Biblical Church Leadership and Membership

God created his church to be a covenant of love and service among believers. It’s an ideal design for fellowship, but one that’s pushed to the side in the busyness of church life. How can congregations be sure to embrace God’s purpose for them?

In the short book Who’s in Charge of the Church?, Sam Emadi explains that church polity isn’t just transactional; it’s meant to be transformative. He describes how churches should reflect biblical authority, particularly members’ responsibilities to one another, their elders, and deacons. Emadi’s direction helps provide clarity for congregations, showing them how to operate within God’s perfect design and grow stronger in their love for Christ.

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