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Budgeting for a Healthy Church Small Group Bundle (8 Copies)

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Release: April 02, 2019

Jamie Dunlop talks about his book Budgeting for a Healthy Church

In this bundle, you get 8 copies of BUDGETING FOR A HEALTHY CHURCH at an even greater discount. Use them in small groups and Sunday school—or just give them away to church members!

Many pastors conceive of the church budget as primarily a financial tool, but in fact it is primarily a pastoral tool. A church’s philosophy of ministry is locked into its budget, and so the budget will either stifle or accelerate any attempts to move a congregation toward a biblical model of church health. As such, the church budget is a far more potent pastoral tool than many church leaders realize. Budgeting for a Healthy Church examines each section of the budget in light of Biblical principles to show how a church budget can lock in healthy approaches to ministry. Whereas most books on church budgeting are “how” books, explaining how the budgeting process should work, this is a “what” book, helping church leaders determine the pastoral implications of what they choose to fund in their budgets.

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