Church Questions Bundle

Church Questions Bundle

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Sam Emadi talks about the Church Questions Series

What's so important about the local church? The 9Marks Church Questions booklets answer common questions about the local church and what it means for the daily life of a Christian.

9Marks Church Questions is a new series that provides ordinary Christians with answers to common questions about the local church. Each booklet is predicated on a question asked in a local church setting and offers sound teaching from Scripture and practical applications that help connect commitment to the local church with the daily life of a Christian.

This set includes 1 copy of:

  • Why Should I Join a Church?
  • What If I Don’t Desire to Pray?
  • What Should I Do Now that I’m a Christian?
  • What If I’m Discouraged in My Evangelism?
  • How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics?
  • What If I Don’t Feel Like Going to Church?
  • How Can Our Church Find a Faithful Pastor?
  • Is It Loving to Practice Church Discipline?
  • Why Should I Be Baptized?
  • Why Should I Give to My Church?
  • How Can I Find Someone to Disciple Me?
  • Does God Love Everyone?
  • How Can Women Thrive in the Local Church?
  • How Can I Serve My Church?
  • How Can I Get More out of My Bible Reading?
  • Why is the Lord's Supper so Important?
  • How Can I Support International Missions?
  • Am I Called to Ministry?
  • What Should We Do About Members Who Won't Attend?
  • What Do Deacons Do?
  • Can Women Be Pastors?
  • Does the Gospel Promise Health and Prosperity?
  • How Can I Be Sure I'm Saved?
  • Who's in Charge of the Church?
  • What Is the Church's Mission?
  • Is Hell Real?
  • What Should I Look For in a Church?
  • Does it Matter What I Believe?
  • Is God Really Sovereign?
  • Does the Old Testament Really Point to Jesus?
  • How Do I Fight Sin and Temptation?
  • What If I've Been Hurt by My Church?

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