Healthy Church Study Guide Set by Bobby Jamieson

Healthy Church Study Guide Set by Bobby Jamieson

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Bobby Jamieson talks about the Study Guides Set

The 9Marks Healthy Church Study Guides are a series of ten 6 or 7 week studies that cover the nine distinctives of a healthy church originally laid out in Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever (plus one introductory volume). This series explores the biblical foundations of key aspects of the church, helping Christians live out those realities as members of a local body. The format of this series is guided, inductive discussion of Scripture passages and is ideal for use in Sunday school, church-wide studies, and individual or small group contexts.

The ten volumes are:

  • Built upon the Rock: The Church
  • Hearing God’s Word: Expositional Preaching
  • The Whole Truth about God: Biblical Theology
  • God’s Good News: The Gospel
  • Real Change: Conversion
  • Reaching the Lost: Evangelism
  • Committing to One Another: Church Membership
  • Guarding One Another: Church Discipline
  • Growing One Another: Discipleship in the Church
  • Leading One Another: Church Leadership

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